Single Floats

One 60-minute float session

First Float Special


(first time customers only, one per customer)

Single Float


Long Floats

2.5 hour float, includes 30 minutes for free
4 hour float, includes 60 minutes for free
Book floats back-to-back



One 60min float per month


Two 60min floats per month


Four 60min floats per month

Floats roll over


No annual fee, startup fee or long term contract

$45 extra floats, $15 saunas, and more

Membership Policies

Floats sessions never expire, as long as member in good standing. The system will automatically roll over any unused floats from one month to the next.

No contract/no additional fees. Membership is month to month. Members can cancel at anytime with one month notification. One month after you tell us you want to cancel your membership will end. You will be billed during the last month of your membership. Canceling a membership will expire all membership benefits 90 days after notification. Expired floats cannot be refunded, reissued to your account, issued as gift cards or otherwise used.

  • Non-transferable.
  • Purchase additional floats at $45 each. Purchase additional infrared (IR) saunas at $15 each.
  • Special members only discounts and offers. These will emailed to you so make sure we have a current email address on file.
  • Sauna session. Book over the phone, or note in float session reservation, online booking is not available. Typically these are booked before a float session, or separately. Saunas cannot be booked before we open.
  • Memberships can be frozen for up to 3 months in one 12 month period. No floats can be used when a membership is frozen. Remaining floats will roll over and can be used at the end of the freeze period as long as membership continues in good standing.
  • Unused sauna sessions do not roll over and automatically expire at the end of every month.

The Float Factor reserves the right to cancel memberships at anytime.

Float Packages

60-minute float sessions

3-pack ($56.3/float)

6-pack ($49.8/float)

10-pack ($42.9/float)

Intro 3-pack: $139

Three 60 minute floats (first time customers only, one per customer, in-store only)

Sauna Sessions

30-minute sauna sessions

1  Sauna Session


3 Sauna Sessions


6 Sauna Sessions


10 Sauna Sessions


First Sauna Special $25

One 30 minute sauna (first time customers only, one per customer)


Special pricing for groups

Looking for a unique venue for a bridal shower, meditation group, business mini-retreat or other special occasion? Reserve our entire space for your event! You will have access to our float suites, 6 person infrared sauna, lounge and dressing room. Our staff will provide a thorough orientation and tour and make sure everyone is comfortable. Food and beverages welcome!

Call 608-279-1009 to schedule your group
or fill out our request form HERE

Corporate Programs

Float therapy makes a great addition to any corporate wellness program!

Floating enhances creativity and innovative thinking, can help staff manage stress, anxiety and pain, and can enhance the benefits of other modalities such as exercise, massage, chiropractic and acupuncture.

Call 608-279-1009 to schedule your group
or fill out our request form HERE