Membership Policies

Membership is month to month. No long-term contract/no additional fees. All memberships are shareable upon notice.

Floats sessions never expire, as long as the member is in good standing. The system will automatically roll over any unused floats from one month to the next. Unused sauna sessions will expire 60 days after issue.

Members can cancel at any time with one month notification. One month after you tell us you want to cancel, your membership will end. You will be billed during the last month of your membership and benefits will accrue. Remaining floats in your account will expire 90 days from the cancellation date; remaining sauna sessions in your account will still expire 60 days from the date they first were issued.

You can freeze your membership for up to 3 months during any calendar year.  You will not be billed during this time and benefits can be redeemed. Billing will automatically restart when the freeze ends. Remaining floats will roll over and can be used at the end of the freeze period as long as membership continues in good standing.

The primary member may purchase extra floats for $55 each and extra sauna sessions for $20 each. The extra sessions cannot be transferred or issued as gift cards or gift certificates.

Refunds will not be issued for monthly membership fees, unused/expired floats or saunas. The Float Factor reserves the right to cancel delinquent memberships at any time.

Our full membership policy can be found here.