The Float Suite

Our three float suites provide a quiet, comfortable and private space to unplug from the external world and allow your mind and body to truly rest and relax. Each private suite has a luxury shower and dressing area. Shampoo, conditioner, ear plugs, body wash and plush towels are provided.

Floatation Pod

The Pods

Our state of the art Evolution Float Pods are filled with a special solution containing about 1000 pounds of Epsom salts and water maintained at skin temperature. This allows your body to float effortlessly in a nearly zero gravity environment and your mind to ‘float’ as well, promoting healing, reducing stress, improving sleep and energy levels. The pivoting lid and widened front ledge allow for an inviting entry and better accessibility for those with mobility issues. Advanced audio and lighting features are available to provide music and spectrum lighting if desired.

Our Pod manufacturer:

The Float Room

Our float room is filled with even more water and salt. The float room is almost 8 feet long and over 7 feet tall inside. This is ideal for people who feel they might get claustrophobic in a pod, or who just want more space. The room has all the same features as the pod in terms of lighting and sound.

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Pod Water

The Water

The high salt content of the water, along with a very small amount of disinfectant, protects the pod environment from harmful bacteria. Our Evolution filtration system completely recirculates the water a minimum of 3 times between each client (compared to swimming pool water, which is typically turned over once per day). The water passes through a micron filter and is treated with ozone and UV light. In addition, clients are required to shower before and after their session. This ensures that the pod is crystal clear and clean for every client, every time.

Our filtration system: