COVID-19: Our Policies and Cleaning Protocols

At The Float Factor, the health and safety of our clients is our top priority. We have extremely high standards for safety and sanitation and want to make sure our clients have the most current and accurate information about COVID-19 and floating.

According to the CDC, as well as experts on microbiology and water sanitation, COVID-19 is not a water borne virus and is not likely to be spread by the use of pools or spa water, including float tanks (Link). In addition, the 1100+ pounds of Epsom salt in each of our float tanks provides an inherently sterile environment. Between each float, the tanks are treated with micron filtration, ozone and UV light, which disinfects and purifies the water. In addition, the tanks are treated regularly with hydrogen peroxide as an extra measure to protect the health and safety of our clients.

Floating has been shown in clinical studies to effectively reduce anxiety and depression, which in turn helps strengthen the immune system, as well as improving resilience and overall well-being. We understand that many of our clients rely on floating to manage stress, anxiety and many other issues, and we want to reassure you that we have every intention of remaining open for business during this challenging time.

In addition to the benefits of floating itself, our facility is actually set up to help protect our clients from illness. In addition to enhanced sanitation and disinfection in accordance with CDC guidelines, our rooms are private, and we never have more than 3 people in the facility floating at once. We are encouraging use of our infrared sauna as well, which is also private, and offers an excellent way to boost immunity and help protect from viruses by stimulating immune function and making the body less habitable for pathogens.

Still feeling skeptical? It may be helpful to know that The Float Factor’s filtration system was approved for commercial use by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Regulation and the Department of Health, after extensive review. We are only one of two float spas in the state that can make that claim.

In the interest of protecting our clients as well as our staff, please stay home if you are feeling ill, or have come into contact with anyone who is ill.

As always, we welcome all healthy individuals to continue to float and sauna, and are happy to address any concerns you may have.

Please give us a call for booking or questions!