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I tried a float pod, and this is what happened

"So for anyone who might be too nervous to try it out-I did the legwork for you. It's worth seeing if it floats your boat."

Searching for self in salt water

"When I emerge, I feel...well, I feel something. That's for sure. I'm buzzed. I scrape salt out of my ears. The feeling lasts all day."

Cosmic sojourners wanted: Ridding my body of toxins and floating my way to nirvana

"If floatation is for new age, alt-medicine loonies, then buy me a faded Grateful Dead t-shirt (size medium) and a pallet of incense. There's certainly something to this."

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Tammy H. on May 12 2019
For our first time it was amazing and extremely relaxing, we bought a package of 3 more floats and a sauna, can't wait to visit again

Shannon A. on May 12 2019
Always friendly service. Super clean environment.

Maggie J on Apr 11 2019
Top-notch from start to finish. The staff is extremely welcoming, friendly and helpful. It is a very peaceful environment. The float is an interesting experience, one that I am sure I will be trying again and again! Initially thought "I can't stay in here for an HOUR!" When, seemingly not 2 minutes later, my time was up! Very relaxing, peaceful, wonderful!

Tina W. on May 17 2019
Great atmosphere. Floating takes a couple times to get used to but is amazing and wonderful from so many standpoints!! Self care is important.

Naomi W. on Feb 14 2019
Everything was explained clearly and it was a very pleasurable experience.

Karen O. on Feb 11 2019
The help was very pleasent and explained everything very well

Ashley C. on Feb 11 2019
It was wonderful and very relaxing will be doing this again.

Alex C. on Feb 8 2019
Staff was extremely friendly and accommodating.

Brittany M. on Feb 4 2019
I've only ever been to your place to float but I love the set up, atmosphere, tea room and book rental service. I've purchased an item or two from the localvendors you help support by allowing their products to be sold there as well, which is great!
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Floating gives your body and mind a time-out from the stresses of daily life. Our float chambers drastically reduce outside stimulation - gravity, temperature, touch, sound. The Epsom salt in the chamber (around 1000 pounds) allows your body to float effortlessly, taking pressure off of muscles, bones and joints. After a while the boundaries between you and the water seem to dissolve. With no body to attend to, the mind is free to explore and expand and unparalleled relaxation and healing are possible.

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