Maria - co-founder

Originally from southern California, I have lived in the Madison area for the past 16 years and have grown to love this friendly, health-minded community. I enjoy running, biking, hiking, yoga and a good glass of wine. I am a dietitian by training and have spent most of my career working in healthcare and research settings. During my second float, I had figured out the mechanics of the neck pillow and earplugs, and was able to really relax. It wasn't until my float was over that I realized something unusual had happened. Everything was clearer and brighter and I felt incredibly peaceful, open and connected. And the feeling lasted for days! Having attempted a regular meditation practice several times in my life, I was blown away to get this kind of result from just one hour in the pod. That's when I knew we had to open a float center in Madison so our community could have access to the amazing power of floating!


Johanna - staff

I grew up in a small town in southwest Wisconsin. After high school I attended UW-Platteville where I majored in Elementary Education. I am currently teaching 3rd grade, and I love it! My first floating experience was part of my Mother's Day gift to my mom. We were both instantly hook, and we bought a membership to share that same day. Teaching is my passion, but it can be a stressful profession. Floating allows me to relax and let go. After a float session I feel so refreshed and peaceful. I also sleep a lot better. I look forward to meeting you and talking about your float experience. Happy floating!


Sharon - staff

Before my first float, I was researching Madison's float options and decided to make my appointment at The Float Factor due to their inclusive packages - shareable and never expiring. I was warmly greeted when I arrived and impressed with the calm, soothing energy of all the salt lamps and art on the walls. I felt very comfortable because of the clear instructions I was given. After my float, I was again warmly greeted and offered warm tea and pleasant conversation with the staff member, who I found to be a kindred spirit.  I heard my inner voice say - “ask if they are hiring.”  A moment later, the staff person mentioned that they were hiring! With the Universe knocking at my door, how could I not work here!  LOL!!

I have always been a spiritual person with healthy living goals. Floating is a new way for me to tune into my inner voice. I spend the first part of my float letting go of the mundane world by breathing energy up and down my chakras. When I feel centered, I work on releasing energies that are not mine. I feel embraced by the supportive warm waters as I journey through timelessness and spaceless-ness in deep meditation. Through this process, I find my way back to my True Self and connect with Universal Life Force energy. Floating also supports my physical health. I am amazed at how well floating helps the physical body release aches and pains. The infrared sauna is a wonderful addition to my floating practice as well, with its detoxing benefits.


Stef - staff

The atmosphere of The Float Factor is one that welcomes, has the energy of 'come-as-you-are', let go and look inward. Beautiful art surrounds me on the walls and the soft whisper from the healing salt lamps reminds me of my truth. I take a moment at the beginning of each day to breathe it all in. I know I will meet beautiful people from all walks of life who come here to rest, release, reflect and refresh. Meeting people, sharing stories, listening and creating relationships is all part of my 'job' here. It complements who I am and my curiosity about life and who we all uniquely are. I have been playing with intuition and energy for over 20 years and this amazing Universe continues to reveal its magic to me.

Floating is an amazing way to rest the mind and body and hear your inner voice. The voice many of us rarely take time to listen to. Going within helps bring about clarity amidst confusion, faith in the place of doubt and a calm, easy feeling. Floating is also a fun way to defy gravity. It aligns your spine and you can feel your body unwind into the float. Aches, pains, and discomfort disappear and the feeling of Ahh reappears. There is nothing but good vibrations at The Float Factor. :).


Heidi - staff

With a busy schedule as a psych/theatre senior at UW-Madison, a national model, motivational speaker, and trainer-- I have to practice daily meditation for clarity in my everyday life. Just when life got it's most busy, The Float Factor found me. I began working here having only heard of sensory deprivation therapy in passing. As soon as I tried it, I was instantly hooked. I believe our sub-conscious mind is responsible for the manifestation of our reality. In the tank, I immediately started to discover beliefs from early life that no longer served me as a person today. I am a constant seeker of truth and growth, thus The Float Factor is a wonderful tool to help this process. In my spare time I am training for Miss Wisconsin USA 2017, loving on random dogs, traveling, listening to podcasts, reading, volunteering, being in nature, hiking, and cycling. I hope to be able to help you grow as a person, clear up limitations, and discover who you are... or just help you relax and unwind at The Float Factor!


Owen - co-founder

I grew up in Madison and I have always loved the city. I received my Masters from the University of Wisconsin. I enjoy being active, running, biking, generally being outdoors. I enjoy movies and a full range of computer games. My first float was amazing! When I closed my eyes it felt like my body was bouncing around inside the pod. It was so used to input that it was searching for something be in touch with. After that it was just a pure relaxing and peaceful float. Looking forward to hearing about your first float experience!